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Phoenix Cactus Comicon is seeking guest Liaisons [August 2nd
@ 5:03pm

Hello, everyone! I thought hey, I was away for a while, came back and everyone else introduced themselves, so I might as well too!

My name is Krystel Theroux and I am the Head of Guest Relations for Phoenix Comicon 2009, January 23rd-25th 2009 at the Mesa Convention Center.  As every new convention needs staff members and volunteers, I too, need volunteers!  I am now looking for volunteers to be a part of the Guest Relations Team, which has three parts to it: Liaisons, Transportation and Runners.   I will be interviewing individuals to be a part of the Guest Relations team.  What I am looking for in individuals who would like to be a part of the Guest Relations Team is:

- Responsibility
- Trustworthiness
- Professionalism
- Courteousness
- And most of all: loves to have fun!

What I must stress is that even though you apply for the position, it does not actually mean you get to be a part of the team right away.  I apologize for this, but I must interview and screen through individuals.

Here is a run-down of what each position does.

Guest Liaisons Guest liaisons would need to make sure the guests have water, gets to his or her panels and autograph sessions and provides him or her with anything he or she might need. Since we have so many guests at Phoenix Comicon, you may need to escort two or three guests at a time, and may interact with numerous guests throughout the convention.  Liaisons will be needed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Possibly Thursday evening.

Transportation The transportation aspect  involves a team of drivers and greeters who can pick up guests from the airport, drop them off at the airport, run out and grab things from stores if guests need something or take them out to dinner/lunch.  If a guest needs a lemon for their concert, we run out and get a lemon.  If they would like to go to In-N-Out burger for dinner, we take them.  The guests also of course need to get to and from the airport!  At the airport, I need greeters to pick up the guests and welcome them to Arizona, then take them to their vehicle to be transported to the convention location.  See what I mean?  Transportation = Drivers! , most of the time. =)  I need transportation team members for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Runners The runners are also an important part of our Guest Realtions team.  The runners would be running things for our guests and vendors.  If a guest needs water or food, then we have a runner run and get water or food for that guest.  If the guest requested something from the store (Like lemons), the runner would run to get the lemons from the transportation team member and then bring it to the guest wherever the guest might be.  The runners will be needed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

A cell phone is not required to be a Guest Liaison, but is highly recommended.  Walkie talkies are a bit expensive and I will not have enough for every person on the Guest Liaison team.  Cell phones are a great way to get a hold of each other, and do not cost anything to use during the convention!

If you are interested in the position, please send me an e-mail at: guestrelations@phoenixcomicon.com.  Thank you very much for your interest in the Guest Relations team. I look forward to hearing from you!

Krystel Theroux
Director of Guest Relations
Phoenix Comicon 2009
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Division openings [April 8th
@ 8:31pm

Hiya Gang!!!

Mist On Fire here....and today I would like to announce some Division openings.All of the following conventions currently have no Skirt representation;some are the established Divisions that have had no response from the Leaders after an extended grace period to reclaim,and others have no assignment yet.

the list of available cons is:

Comic Con- California
Sac Anime- Sacramento, CA
Animazement- Durham, NC
Daigacon- Bowling Green, KY
Fanime- San Jose, CA
ikasucon- Fort Wayne, IN
Nan Desu Kan- Denver, colorado
Nekocon- Minnessota
Katsucon- Arlington, VA
Animethon- Edmonton, Alberta
A-Kon- Dallas Texas
Anime La- Los Angeles Ca
auroracon- Alaska

Please contact me at Divisions@miniskirtarmy.org if you are interested in leading a Division,or have any other questions about the list.We must ask that all interested applicants be a minimum of 16 years of age.Some conventions require a minimum age of 18 to sign for a con event or panel and you may need a parent or other person to help you in that effect should that turn out to be the case,so individual circumstances may apply.Prior convention experience is a plus.

This will be handled just like a real job application,since this IS a job you'll be taking on....so be prepared to impress us with your credentials! :)

I check my mail on a daily basis,so I will respond ASAP when my email is received,no later than 48 hours.

Thanks a lot!!!

Mist On Fire-Cyberspace Relations :)
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Sakura-con 2008 [April 1st
@ 10:01am


Wow what a week it has been.

Wednesday 03/26/2008- Work from 8am until 5pm. Very boring. lol. 5-7pm walked home and started packing everything except for the toiletries needed in the morning. Went over to Seans to get my corset laced and off to Bob1’s to claim Bryan’s and mine’s MSA uniforms. Stayed there until 3AM finishing both uniforms.

Thursday 03/27/2008-

430 am Seans picks me up and kicks my butt off at the airport. Here I meet up with Toypink and we talk until its time to board. The plane ride is 2 hours and 56 minutes from wheels up til wheels down. At least this is what the flight attendant said. Toypink and I are out  like a light for about 2 hours. For the remainding hour I basically take pics of the scenery outside the window and learned that washington likes crop circles. lol I’ll have the picks posted later so that this makes sense.

Finally the plane Lands and I give Pyro a call. Supposidly she arrived about an hour before I did. Wow this girle is TALL! We do the formal introductions and talk for about 4 hours waiting for Talis to come fetch us from the airport... Before this takes place a killer migraine sets in and I am burning up and trying not to throw up everytime my pulse beats. Pyro and I go outside for a bit. The absolute freezing cold weather feels really good since I am burning up like crazy. I felt bad for Pyro cause she was wearing her OHC cosplay and was starting to shake from the cold while Im all "This is nice". I was the only idiot in a short sleeves shirt out in the cold unti lI got cooled off enough to put my hoddie ond and still stay outside. Poor Pyro... lol So We finally go back inside.It was nice to have company along the way except for the fact that I am ready to pass out from sheer exhaustion... A little bit longer and Talis arrives to claim us. We go back to her house to grab some stuff and we’re off to the hotel. Here is where we split from Pyro and go off to our hotel.

After all the situating is done I change into my MSA Cosplay and Im off to preregistration. What should have been a 10 minute trip up all of the escalators ended up being a 45 minute trip. Everyone either wanted pictures, Find out who I was supposed to be, or even find out how to sign up. It was a good start! Im the Pre regling I meet up with Bryan (Who cosplays as Armstrong). We get out bages and go back to my hotel room to get Bryans MSA cosplay. He was super excited to see how it turned out. Welp... lol The wrist areas were too small and he acquired more muscle to the biceps were too tight.. lol.. Either way he still looked really good.

After he left I was left to my own devices for a while so I wandered around the area outside the hotel. The Streets of Washington were a tad scary at 11pm. Lots of homeless people asking for monies. Lots of traffic and REALLY skinny roads. wow they were skinny.

At this point I got bored and wandered back to the Hotel lobby area and discovered one of my favorite places.. THE BAR.. lol.. 3 AMF’s later and Im ready for beds. Back at the hotel I crash and around 2-3 am Talis, Babycakes, and Mikey finally make it in. All lights go aff and its bedtimes.

Friday 03/29/2008

6am Revellie goes off on my cell phone to get me up to go to the gym. Made note to self that I needed to get up earlier cause the gym was packed. (I never made it back to the gym after today)

Get dressed and Im off with Talis in her canon skirt uniform and baby cakes dressed as military hughes. We wandered for a while with people taking our pics right and left. Popped our heads into opening ceremonies and then Talis dissapeared to take care of some con drama (She is on Staff). Babycakes, Mikey, and I go to the Ranger Panel. There are techinical difficulties everywhere. I thought Pyro was going to burst out crying from everything going wrong. Luckily Vic was there to hold the crowd over while Edo bean was being located with the 2nd computer. She is located and arrives. Vic continues to entertain the crowd while the 2nd computer is being loaded and ready to go. After all is said and done and the panel comes to a close I was a little sad that nothing more was said about the Ranger Uniforms. Cosplayzone works their booties off on these. I know. They live 20 minutes from me. This was the perfect opportunity to touch on them. It was an oppourtunity missed.

After this I Book it back to my hotel room to make sure ALL of my powerpoints are working and that my laptop has everything I need to make sure we are good to go for the MSA panel. yup. We’re good to go. I quickly run across the street to grab a Dulce De leche cheese cake for the Ranger dinner and find out the darn thing takes 2 hours to thaw.... crap and Sigh. No worrie. So I wander the dealers room for an hour. I picked up this fabulous corset made by timeless-trends.com. Its made out of Steel for the support thingies. It is also super comfortable and worth the 100 dollar price tag. I say this because everyone else was selling them for 3-400 dollars. eep!

Ranger dinner. While we are waiting for Vic I meet up with Crazy Mandy, Danny, and Matriarch. Then a crowd startes to build. Vic shows up in his Star Trek Cosplay. lol... I Hand him the cheese cake and he was floored that it was an entire cheese cake and not a slice. DUH! Its called SHARING. Haa haa haa. Now I must say in a sea of red I am the lonely lone figure in Blue. Muahaa haa haa!!! The Nickle Alchemist hand Vic this decently sized wrapped.... Thing... is all I can call it at this point. After 10 minutes of unwrapping its a cute little porcelian box containing... wait for it... a nickle... lol. After threatening Nickle’s life Vic is all hugs and smiles. I then Have to make my departure to the hotel room to get my laptop for the MSA uni.

"Well I hope the 3 of you have a great panel" That was Vic’s parting words.

Yes Vic the 3 panel holders and a STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd had an awesome time at the MSA panel. The Male uniform was a success thanks to Bryan and a small strip tease show. *WInk wink* The slideshow that My 2nd did was a hit and everyone was laughing as they saw the skirt antics and the Fuhrer antics. The amin power point show in my opinion needs a little more work since I am the one doing most of the talking. The recruiting Video that Boy Pyro did was awesome. *Looks at enlistment email* So far we have gained 8 new skirts from Sakura-con. I call that a success!

The rest of the con consited of loosing my eyesight from all the flashing bulbs, panels, and a few hitches in the road with a couple of photoshoots. Unfortunantly the MSA photoshoot never happened. We were never in the same place inorder to make it happen. No worries though I visited the photobooth and had my pics done and Bryan is having some done this week to post on the MSA website. Plus im sure I’ll find more pics of all of us when more peeps get theirs posted online.

Dinner mostly was at the cheesecake factory. Real food was nowhere to be found. That was sad since it heavily dented the wallet.lol. Nights were spent at the bar relaxing and watching the world go by. I was sad that it didnt snow hard enough to make a little snowman out. But I think I was the only one that was happy that it was freezing weather outside. I was in love.. lol

The trip home was........ interesting...... Then it was off to work to finalize my time card and passout.


Pics to come!

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MSA Divisions Myspace [March 9th
@ 5:17am

Hello everyone!!!

Through the constant nagging of our favorite webmistress,I made a new Myspace page for our MSA Divisions.


ALL Division Leaders out there please create a Myspace for your division and add to the friends list here.If you do not have a Myspace Divisions page set up for your con,please add your own page to the friends so the Skirts can easily find you all in one place.

Actual convention Myspace pages will also be added as they are located.

Thanks guys!!

Much Skirt love and cookies,"The Major"
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MSA Cafe Press Store [February 17th
@ 10:38am


I created a BASIC account with Cafepress. This account only allows the products I have created. If interest shows (Meaning purchases) Then I will upgrade to an actual PAYING account and get us more stuffs. Granted its not really expensive and I am making NO overhead but I still want to be sure before I do this.




P.S. Major wanted bumper stickers so I made some! =) and BUTTONS!

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Website Enlistees badges [February 16th
@ 9:41am


Hello My Fellow Skirts!

With a successful launch of the MSA website. www.miniskirtarmy.org, and its ever growing pages. It is time to FILL those pages. There is a page that is strictly dedicated to ALL of the MSA enlistees!! Wootness. So what does this mean for you my lovelies??? It means its time to make BADGES. 

Please Refer to the pic above as an example to help you fill out the following information.

Send an Email to Col. Sami at badges@miniskirtarmy.org 



Skirt #: YOUR SKIRT #. If you do NOT have your skirt number. Please send an email to Pirate at. enlist@miniskirtarmy.org and she will be able to help with that

Gender: FEMALE or MALE


Date of birth: YOUR BIRTH DATE

Join date: THE DAY YOU JOINED THE MSA (The date that you made your Chat forum account)

Division: DIVISION NUMBER or YOUR MAIN CON (A division number will be given to division leaders, unless otherwise stated). 

**Rank: YOUR RANK (Division leaders will have Brigadier General. Everyone else [except for those above the Brig Gen rank] can choose from: Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Sgt. Major, warrant officer, 2nd Lt., and First Lt.

Location: CITY or STATE

Picture: YOUR PICTURE (you can send an url to the picture or send it as an attachment, your choice and that is at least 340pixels x 360pixels)

Now, These badges are also available for purchase if you want one to use at cons or whatever. They are a whole whopping 3 bucks for a fully colored and laminated version. Its the size of a credit card. I have mine in my business card holder and I put it on the reverse side of my convention Badges. =) once you email sami with all the info if you wish to purchase the badge you can include that in your email to her and work out of the fun stuff.

So send her an email and help me bulk up the MSA website.

Yours truly

Shannon Galarneau
Division 19

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a challenge has been issued!!!! [February 10th
@ 4:35pm

Calling my fellow Generals!!!

Brigadier General Camille reporting, to inform the Atlanta branch of skirts and all skirts going to Anime Weekend Atlanta that we have been issued challenge from the Rangers!!

They challenge us to........dodgeball.

A Ranger friend of mine says there is no way we can take away the title that they have held since that fateful game at MTAC. I say it is time to take what is rightfully ours, the Champion title!

So, who is with me?!?
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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! [December 25th
@ 3:02am

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Calling All Texas Skirts! [December 2nd
@ 1:55pm

Hi Everyone! This is Amelie Belcher from Cordeval.com calling on all Texas and surrounding state skirts to come out for Ikkicon Feb 8-10, Austin Texas.

We're Trying to put together a chess match between the MSA and the RR...or dodge ball if'n we can't get enough ppl for chess.

Travis "Roy Mustang" Willingham will be a guest, as will Vic "Ed Elric" Mignona and they will be calling the moves of the Chess Peices...aka Skirt and RR members. The voice actors for Envy,Greed, Havoc, Falman, that lizard chimera guy and Marta will also be there. (I'm working on getting Scott "Hoenhime" McNeil there as well *fingers crossed*)

Anywho, who's going?
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Fellow Ohio skirts! [November 29th
@ 1:16pm

Greetings from General Camille!

This is a call for all skirts attending Ohayocon. If you will be there on Friday, shoot me an email so I can put together a sweetly awesome skirt meet and greet! It will be in the Max and Erma's across from the Hyatt hotel. Email me your name and skirt number and I'll put it all together!
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Final Deadline for Division Leader info [November 25th
@ 6:34pm

Hello everyone!!

We are fast approaching the projected Christmas launch date for the new website.

However,we are still missing vital Bio info from most of our Division Leaders.

Please contact Shannon via email at phoenix.division.19@cox.net by DECEMBER 8TH,2007 to be included in the new Divisions area of the website.I will also be contacting each Division Leader personally who has not responded to the call for info yet that Shannon sent out to all Leaders a few months ago.

**Please note!!***If no response is returned to Shannon by this deadline,we will assume you no longer have an interest in keeping your Division leadership position and arrangements will be made to replace you as needed.

Again,the deadline for response is December 8th,Please send your short biography info and a small photo to Shannon so she may build your page representing your Division.

Thank You. Major General Laura-Mist On Fire Skirt #14
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Division Opening... [November 3rd
@ 7:52pm

Due to some school obligations,Division Leader #12,Rebecca,can no longer represent the MSA for Ikkicon.It is being held February 8-10, 2008 Doubletree Hotel Austin,Austin, TX

If anyone is interested in taking over the leadership of this division and can attend it to do so,please contact me ASAP.

Prior con experience is an essential factor to my final decision for a replacement for her.

Thanks guys!!

Mist On Fire

EDIT- Pyro has offered to take over the Division Leader position for Ikkicon! Thanks Pyro!!
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Official Divisions list [September 7th
@ 8:43pm

Hi everyone!!

Here is our current official Divisions list.

If you have applied for a Division Leader position and did not get a response,contact me ASAP and I will assign you your Division number.I need the convention name and location,a link to the con site itself if available,and YOUR contact info where the Skirts in your area can reach you and the name you prefer to use.Thanks!! Contact me via email to Launchpad555@yahoo.com and place "Division request" in the subject space or respond to this post.If any info listed here is not current,also respond in the same manner for it to be updated.


#1. Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
Division Leader: Melissa Schneider - wizardgirlmelly@yahoo.com

#2 Anime Weekend Atlanta
Division Leader: Ari Sorensen

#3 TekkoshoCON (Monroeville, PA)
Erie Anime Experience
Division Leader: Deuce Loosely
Second in command-Jaqueline Miller Kenshinkyo.gmail.com
Phone: 814-756-0429 Cell 814-720-4309

#4 Anime Central;Reactor
Division Leader: Laura Bronkhorst ACenMSA@gmail.com

#5 Anime North
Division Leader: Mienai Kitsune duelistekitsune@gmail.com

#6 Anime Next
Division Leader: Ginny Seta

#7 Anime Vegas
Division Leader: Tatsudoshi

#8 Project A-Kon (Dallas)
Division Leader: Katie

#9 The Florida J.A.M.
AFO;Jacon;Megacon (3 cons)
Division Leader: Alley

#10 Anime Detour
Division Leader: Nicole

#11 Jafax
Division Leader: Emma Brophy

#12 Ikkicon
Division Leader: Pyro email krazypyrokitty@aol.com
on AIM- PyroPwnsYou

#13 Tsubasacon
Division Leader: The History Follower thehistoryfollower@earthlink.net

#14 Ohayocon;Cleveland Collosal Con, Matsuricon and Anime Punch (4 cons)
Division Leader: General Cammy sailortinkerbell2002@yahoo.com

#15 Youmacon
Division Leader: Emma

#16 Persa-Con
Division Leader: Dana Stewart
MySpace http://www.myspace.com/beachbabe1184

#17 Pacific Northwest Division (Sakura Con, Kumori Con)
Division Leader: TalisX msa.division17@gmail.com

#18 Otakuthon (Quebec)
Division Leader: Melissa Langlois jusdepomme_4u@hotmail.com

#19 Phoenix Cactus Comi Con www.phoenixcomicon.com
AniZona www.anizona.org
Division Leader: Shannon Email: phoenix.division.19@cox.net
Phone: 602-703-6631

#20 Anime Oasis Boise Idaho
Division Leader: Maia (elf) Leobdollin75@yahoo.com leobdollin7506 on AIM and Silverarrow7504 on Yahoo! messenger.

#21 Haganecon Oct 2008 Indianapolis Indiana
Division Leader: Rach email InuGrlRayn0814@yahoo.com

#22 Oni-con Houston TX George R. Brown Convention Center
Website: www.Oni-con.com
Division Leader: Pyro email krazypyrokitty@aol.com
on AIM- PyroPwnsYou

#23 Otakon Baltimore Maryland http://www.otakon.com
Division Leader: Allie email msa_otakon_division@yahoo.com
AIM:Sasuke Fangirl 7

#24 AtsuiCon Houston TX
Division Leader:Dayanne email josshouse@postmaster.co.uk
AIM: josshouse

#25 Anime Boston, Boston MA http://www.animeboston.com
Division Leader: Nakano-san
email amber_wan2002@yahoo.com
AIM Bad Luck Nakano

#26 Anime Expo
Division Leader: Karol
Location: Southern California L.A Metro area
E-mail: karolmoose@gmail.com
Cellphone: (323)633-8459

#27 Connecticon http://www.connecticon.org/
Division Leader:Shippo ( Amanda)
Location:Hartford Connecticut
E-Mail: kitsune_magic5@yahoo.com
AIM: AkatsukiShippo

#28 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo aka CCEE
Division Leader:Guardian of the Flame ( Jaime )
Phone: (403) 280-1257 *House* *Canadian phone number*
MSN: jaiharock@hotmail.com
YAHOO!: guardian_ofthe_flame@yahoo.ca OR heckshotstuff@yahoo.ca

#29 Otaku Omaha Carlisle Hotel Omaha
Division Leader:Den
E-mail: denise.pratt@gmail.com
Phone #: (712)370-2171
AIM: toku hikari
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Last call for AWA...... [August 29th
@ 12:24pm

Okay, last call for anyone going to AWA....
I want to try and get us a panel get-together like last year, but I don't want to if nobody else is going. If anyone's interested (or knows the AWA general, I can't find her!) let me know!

General Camille
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Calling all Divisions and Division Generals [August 27th
@ 12:02pm

Hello again everyone!

As the work continues to prepare for the building of our new website...we need to ask ALL the Division Generals to forward us their current contact and con information so may bring the info up to date.

Please give us your name,Con or cons you represent and your Division no# along with your current contact information so your Skirts can reach you.

Please respond to this post OR Email it to launchpad555@yahoo.com with "MSA Division info" in the subject line.(so I don't lose it the spam folder!)

All info will be updated on the new site.

Thanks for all your help.

Major General Laura-Skirt#14
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Who will be at AWA? [August 24th
@ 1:36pm

[ mood | working ]

I know we usually ask this in the forums but I wanted to make sure I ask here as well, are there any other skirts that will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta? Even though I'm the General for Ohio I always go to AWA! So I wouldn't mind planning a skirt get together, even if Travis won't be there!

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A new website is born... [August 21st
@ 11:39pm

Due to some unforseen difficulties with the transfer of the MSA website to a new server,we have decided to build an entirely new one from the ground up.

What we would like to hear from all of you,our wonderful Skirts,is what kind of features would you like to see on the new website?

Please respond to this post with your suggestions and ideas.They will be forwarded to our hardworking webmasters for review and approval.

Let us know!!!

General Alley,Shannon,Kami,and Major.
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MCM London Expo [April 17th
@ 2:51pm

Please if you want to play reply on the fourm so the teams are listed. Anyonw not on the lkist won't be playing (sorry)

Dodgeball at the :

London Expo Details are as followed

Date: Saturday 26th May 2007
Time: 2.00pm or 14.00

RULES: They will be posted on here and printed out and simple

REMEMBER: It's is mnet as a laugh the Rangers know this and I hope you guys will remember this any bad mouthing is done in jest.

We're playing aginst the skrits BUT if not enough show up we're split into teams of two. <-- just aheads up for Ragners and now you guys)

The idea is that 3 games will be held it'll be a best 2 out of 3 winner takes all game.

Balls are been brought
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Risembool Ranger/Miniskirt Army Photoshoot [March 5th
@ 6:39pm

Host:RisingParadise - By Shinboku Studios
Date: Saturday, March 17, 2007
Time: 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Location: Univ. of Central Florida - Student Union
City/Town: Orlando, FL

I gladly invite any Risembool Rangers and Miniskirt Army members to a special Photoshoot on March 17th. The meeting place will be at Univ. of Central FLorida in the Student Union at 2pm.

You DO NOT have to cosplay, but it would be a nice bonus. If you are considering to cosplay, the theme will be White Day, but it's optional.

If you guys happen to have a ball at home, bring it, we may have a dodgeball game. Hope to see you guys atthe shoot. Note: I need atleast 5 people from either side for this shoot to happen.

Edward Elric

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Uk Skirts! [March 1st
@ 10:48pm

Anyone going to the London Expo please reply to this!

Seeing as Vic is going to the Expo this May is there any Skirts out there that fancy having a game of dodgeball with the rangers in the sprit of fun? If I can sort out deatils?

let me know! by replying here or to Hyper_Ronauk at hotmail dot com with the tittle Expo dodgeball
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